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In 1924, William Kaufman founded the organization that bears his name. Under the direction of a second generation, Melvyn and Robert Kaufman, the company has emerged as an innovative force among commercial office tower developers. Before World War II, The William Kaufman Organization was primarily engaged in the building of homes, apartment houses, industrial complexes and shops. After the war, when Melvyn and Robert Kaufman returned from the service and joined the organization, the Kaufman's directed their energies largely to erecting and remodeling office buildings.


In 1938, Sage Realty Corporation was fully established as the Kaufman's property management division and soon became an industry leader in its own right.


In the early 50's, The William Kaufman Organization built it's first high-rise office tower in midtown Manhattan. The Kaufman's abiding concern for a higher level of graphic interior design, lighting and landscape design is exemplified in all of it's buildings.


Today, The William Kaufman Organization is one of the nations major family owned real estate concerns. It has successfully met a company goal to humanize their office buildings and transform them into a more stimulating and comfortable environment that maximizes the human potential. Over the years, Sage has introduced leading edge management techniques that have become industry standards. With each ensuing office building, the Kaufman's concentrated on changing the traditional lobby treatments typical of ground floor areas in most office buildings. The William Kaufman Organization improved the quality of work space by adding open spaces on the ground floor of the buildings where people could mix, interact and feel comfortable during the day. For over 70 years, The William Kaufman Organization's philosophy has been guided by the realization that the tenants spend as much time in their offices as they do in their homes. The Kaufman's buildings have been designed to enrich the lives of those who work there. The Organization has introduced many innovations that have in time come to be accepted as industry standards.


As the globalization of the world increased, the William Kaufman Organization has developed a program of acquiring a multiple of portfolios overseas, specifically in the United Kingdom.

The method of acquiring these properties has given the organization an opportunity to expand throughout the UK. New properties are acquired frequently and simultaneously also sold so that an operating procedure has been developed. The organization has acquired a complimentary reaction from our friends overseas as we are frequently found "at work" in the UK. Clicking on the Sage Logo below will give you the opportunity to see what we described above.

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